Wedding Photography Workshops program:

At the Master Class, you will lean specific features of the wedding photography market, pass a training in selling yourself as a wedding photographer, obtain information regarding fundamentals of wedding photo shooting, dealing with natural and artificial lighting, work with a couple during their wedding day, as well as take part in shooting a couple and replenish your portfolio. A great attention will be paid to technical aspects of photo processing. You will pass the full process of photo processing from converting photo in LightRoom to post-processing in Adobe Photoshop.

-  shooting technique with impulse lighting (theory)
-  photographer’s portfolio as an important promotion tool
-  posing – How to do so that posing doesn’t look like posing
-  legs, hands, glances, and micro gestures
-  single posing
-  posing of a couple

Workshop (open air shooting with models
in wedding clothes)
- specific features of open air shooting
- light and using impulse lighting
- lighting systems using several light sources 
- creating textures to be used in processing
- work with a couple (practice)
Workshop (open air shooting with models in
wedding clothes, 2nd couple)

- shooting area preparation (looking for locations,
  all tips and tricks)
- creating a right series of shoots
- dealing with accessories, fabrics and textiles
- creating textures to be used in processing
- work with a couple (practice)

A picture is worth a thousand words.

DAY THIRD, commencement at 11:00 am
- definition of the picture in photography
- color perception fundamentals 
- composition fundamentals
- inspiration sources
- looking for an artistic image and developing a
  photo processing plan
- RAW conversion (author’s photo toning)
- package photo processing in LightRoom.
  Fast photo processing secrets
- photo processing in Adobe Photoshop 
- specific features of dealing with layers, channels,
  masks, selection, and painting tools
- ways to get a ‘picture’
- skin retouching and frequency separation in 5 minutes
- image defect correction, clothes and shape editing
- specific features and advantages of LAB color  
  in color correction
- definition of ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ colors
- getting ‘clean’ colors and deleting bad tones
- applying LAB colors to get ‘clean’ colors
- creating complex masks using LAB, CMYK
  and RGB channels
- precise mask improvement and correction 
- color correction using LAB
- advantages of LAB color for color correction
- aerial perspective, ways of creation
- light and shade picture, ways of creation
- creative effects – renderings, ways of creation
  and application
- collage, textile handling fundamentals
- increasing brightness and color contrast
- increasing image sharpness and contrast
- increasing the level of detail
- saving for web

ALL participants of the Master Class will obtain
a wedding photography diploma.

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